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Chris & Judith's Family Connections

...Researching our Grice, Edgeller, Lord, & Ratcliffe Ancestors

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The aim of this site is to share the discoveries we have made about our Grice & Lord ancestors with family, friends and interested passers by. Currently there are over two thousand individuals featured amongst these pages, all of them connected in one way or another to our Grice or Lord families. The connections are usually well sourced and all sources are referenced and listed at the end of each page.

This site predominantly presents family and individual histories and genealogies in a report format which lends itself to speed and flexibility when displaying the information.

Our goal is ultimately to have identified all the 32 pairs of Grice & Lord 3 x Great Grandparents and in that process to have learned as much as we can about their lives and times and who knows, maybe a little about ourselves as well? The links on either side of this page will take you to the families of those we have identified to date, should you be interested in a particular surname then use the Name Index or Search box provided. Where you see the Featured page icon flag there is more to see about this particular family or individual.

This is very much 'work in progress' and as we uncover more of the Grice & Lord families' past the information will be added. Thanks go to all those who have contributed to the research so far and we have  tried, and always intend, to acknowledge all these contributions. All details of any persons who may still be living have been removed from the tree, only their names are included. Please see our privacy policy for further details.
Chris & Judith Grice

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