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...Researching our Grice, Lord, Ratcliffe & Edgeller Ancestors

I am always heartened,within genealogy, at how enthusiastic people are to share their research in order to help each other.This page aims to give credit to those individuals who have helped and contributed to my research
If I have missed anyone out or made a mistake in your acknowledgment, please contact me with the details and I will aim to rectify it as soon as possible

Thanks and appreciation for contributions to this site go to:

Pat Barton: Contact with Pat was through the Genes Reunited web site and I believe our common ancestor was Charles Edward Lester who married my great great aunt Thirsa Jessie Simmons in 1898.  Thanks go to Pat for specific contributions to the Dukes, Taylor, Cockayne, Lester, Burt, Patton, Overton, Moss and Thornton surnames on this site.

Alex Baxter: Alex made contact through the Genes Reunited web site and we share a 3x great grandfather who, believe it or not, was James Bond! However as this gentleman was a sailor born in Norfolk there is probably no connection to 007! Thanks go to Alex for specific contributions to the Widdowfield, Herbert, Baxter & Clyburn surnames on this site.

Eileen Cawley: Contacted through Genes Reunited, Eileen added to the Butcher line in this tree and we share a common 3x great grandfather in Matthew Butcher who was born in Lowestoft in 1813.


Trudy Brain: Contacted initially through Genes Reunited, it turned out we are second cousins. We share at least three sets of 3x great grandparents and thanks go particularly to Trudy for her contributions to the Evans, Brain, Morgan, King, Wilson, Relph & Young surnames on this site.

Neil Fiset: Contact with Neil was through the Ancestry web site and it turned out he is a second cousin to Judith, living in Canada.  Judith and myself are particularly grateful to him for the family photographs he has sent, as many of Judith's old photographs were lost in a fire several years ago. He has also made specific contributions to the Sudders, Parkes, Whitehead, Ingham, Perry and Fiset surnames on this site.

Brenda_Goodger Brenda is another second cousin of Judith's who we contacted through the Genes Reunited site. We thank her and David for both a lovely summer weekend in Cambridge in 2006 meeting more members of Judith's family plus significant contribution to this family tree. Brenda has recently made contact with some Ratcliffes who may have traced the line back to the 1500's! If we can verify this it will be further back than we have managed to trace any other name in the tree. Further specific contributions from Brenda have been made to the Ratcliffe, Abbot, Douglas, Clegg and Holden surnames on the site.


Jacqueline Hall:
Another contact through Genes Reunited, Jacqueline has researched the Oxborough family well back into the 1700s and identified several interesting characters. Of particular note - I think - is Willaim Oxborough b.1766 who had a distinguished naval career being severley wounded in the West Indies. Particular thanks also go to Jaqueline for her contributions to the Ord, Atkinson, Porter, Rubie, Hall and  of course Oxborough surnames in this tree.

Helen Macklam
A contact through Genes Reunited. Helen's husbands aunt Sheila Macklam married one of my 1st cousins once removed! Thomas Edward Edgeller.  Particular thanks go to her for providing some family photographs which hadn't made it down my Mother's line. Specific contributions to the Edgeller & Macklam surnames were also made by Helen.

Susan Marsh:
Susan is Judith's cousin and thanks go to her particularly for sharing a large number of family photographs, some of which I'm sure will eventually feature on this site. Susan has also contributed with information on the Cooper, Taylor, Lord, Jackson, Trippier, Roberts, Ratcliffe & Marsh surnames in the tree.

James Mattinson:
Contacted through Genes Reunited, James has done a tremendous amount of research, particularly with the Butcher name, which he has traced back to Henry Butcher in about 1648.  Our lines coincide at my 3x great grandparents Matthew Butcher & Mary Ann Ward and of course we share the line back to Henry in 1648 after this. Particular thanks go to Jim for his contributions to the Mattinson, Khan, Inness, Brewis, Stebbings & Butcher names on the site.

Margaret Massey:
Contacted through Genes Reunited, I have Margaret to thank for some great information on the Witty family name. We share the same 3x great grandparents of Christopher Witty & Ann and Margaret has been able to shed light on confusing census and BMD entries in such a way that we are reasonably confident that we have things sorted - perhaps!!. Thanks then go to Margaret for her specific contribution to the Witty line in the tree.

Fran Neibling:
We share the same 4 x Great Grandparents, John Grice & Hannah Gilbert, making us 5th cousins I believe. I initially contacted Fran through the Ancestry message boards - Isaac Grice was our contact point. Fran is responsible either directly or indirectly for all my Australian relatives and connections on this site. Through Fran I discovered that I have at least as many Australian contacts as I have found living in the UK!

Carolyn Precious: Carolyn is married to Robert Precious, a second cousin of mine. We made contact through Genes Reunited. I believe we share four sets of 3x great grandparents and that Carolyn's mother in Law - Sheila - made my Mum & Dad's wedding cake! Carolyn has made specific contributions to the Precious, Sampson and Mackenzie surnames in the tree.

Sue Sully: Again contacted through Genes Reunited, we share Thomas Edward Edgeller & Harriett Barrett as 3x great grandparents and then of course the Edgeller line back to Richard in 1757. Thanks go to Sue specifically for her contributions to the Edgellers and Mitchells in the tree.

Tony Wreathall:
Tony was the first 'new' family member I made contact with when I started this research and, if I remember correctly, the contact came through the 'Ancestry' message boards. Tony is a second cousin of mine through my mom's maiden name - Edgeller. We share four pairs of 3x great grandparents and Tony has made significant contributions to this research - specifically with the Crawford, Edgeller, Winkup, Sherry, Wreathall & Barrett surnames.

Duncan Wright:
Duncan contacted me through this website with a mutual interest in Methusalem Yates one of Judith's 3x Great Grandfathers. I think he was hoping that I might be able to add to his research in some small way - however it turned out that he was able to add a tremendous amount to our knowledge of 'Old Thu' . We knew he was a huntsman, but Duncan has done a tremendous amount of research and it turns out Old Thu was quite a character with the Rossendale Hunt in the first half of the nineteenth century. Running with the hounds well into his seventies. So a huge thank you goes to Duncan for making the effort to contact me in the first place and then being prepared to share so much of his research - Thanks Duncan.